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A Full Support Service

MySupportBroker offers you knowledge, expertise, guidance and planning from our highly trained people who really know what good support is all about. 


We know arranging high quality, good value for money care and support is critical but it's not the only thing in your life - so that’s just our starting point. From there we do much more, by helping you plan your best day, tailor support and services to achieve it and get the people who matter involved. 

The detailed plan we develop with you is personal • accurately reflects your wishes • contains a range of researched, curated and negotiated services and aids tailored to your needs • offers you good value for money • is always within budget • addresses benefits and entitlements • takes into consideration checks and balances regarding risk • contains creative outcomes which use local community resources and complimentary services to maximise their benefit to you.  


Ongoing Care and Support Management

Our care and support management service is available to you as an additional service once your plan is in place, providing you, your family, carers and support network with ongoing assistance in helping to organise your care and support arrangements.  The service is delivered by telephone, email and face-to-face by your existing Support Broker. 

Specialist Knowledge


One in ten of all those we support have dementia, rising to one in two for those in older age. We recognise the particular challenges of supporting people living with dementia, including the demands of working with those who don’t recognise their own condition. Communication, family and carer involvement, respite, history, property, powers of attorney, safety and safeguarding all play heightened roles in planning for those with cognitive impairments.


Mental Health

Around a quarter of the people we support have mental health issues. We operate a recovery focussed model based around Peer Support Brokers who have their own personal experience of mental health. We understand the importance of support networks and recovery plans, including support for return to work and remaining in your own home as the starting point.


Frailty in Old Age

More than half of our customers are over 65 years old, with half of those being over 80. Fear of falling, isolation, loneliness, boredom and inactivity are all major concerns that contribute to a lack of wellbeing – remaining active, making a contribution, having a sense of independence and not losing social, community and support networks are what we work with you to develop and maintain.


Learning, Physical and Sensory Disabilities

We have extensive experience in these specialist areas. Our starting point focuses on enabling you to live your life independently, provide practical support to enable your choice of where you want to live, support for return to work, plan a life with meaning, help around money, protection from abuse, planning into the future as family circumstances change and supporting parents to be parents, not just carers.

Training, Accreditation And Quality Assurance

MySupportBroker has its own registered College (NOCN No: 3000490) regulated by the Department for Education. Support brokers go through a process of training and accreditation before becoming qualified to practice. The College runs our Continuing Professional Development programme which maintains all Brokers’ proficiency to practice.


Support Brokers all carry photo ID cards.


Adam Kinn 



Each support plan is reviewed and Quality Assured. Only when a plan is approved is it given to you. Support Brokers exchange information and share best practice to improve outcomes for all customers and our plans are regularly inspected by Local Authority and NHS panels.





Technology, Data Protection And Safeguarding

You have full control of who can access your data. MySupportBroker's simple but sophisticated technology ensures the information you receive and share is completely confidential, secure and in your control.


You decide who sees what parts of your information, and you can change this at will online. If you don’t want to access your information online yourself we can send it to you or you can nominate someone else to access your account on your behalf.


Our secure technology connects public services (including Local Authority and NHS staff) with Peer Support Brokers. Our unique integrated Health and Social Care record brings together information from all agencies to make the development, coordination and communication of your plan effective and personal. Our Information Commissioners Office (ICO) registration number is Z3261753.


We operate a Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy and Statement of Values.


At any time you can request all our company Policies and Procedures - including Data Protection, Safeguarding, Equality, Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Bribery, Complaints and Safe Working Practices.

Contact Us

To find out more, please call 0800 994 9944 or to leave a message click on the "Contact us" button at the top of the page.