Support Brokerage

Support brokerage originated in North America in the late 1970's. Working in a very personal and highly structured way, support brokers source, negotiate, plan and manage care and support within the overall context of improving their customers' wellbeing.  Support brokers work to a customer's budget, whatever the source of funding (fully self-funding / part self-funding and part state funded / fully state funded), customers being people of any age with any physical and mental health condition who need support and care.  

MySupportBroker has its own tried and tested model for the UK.

About Us And Our Model

We are a social business Community Interest Company, working nationally and bringing together people locally who have expertise, insight and knowledge of care and support and our mission is "making it possible for people with care and support needs to live their best life".

Launched in 2010, our model of support brokerage has been tried and tested with people who self fund and receive state support, with Local Authorities and the NHS, in hospitals, at home, in residential care, and with GPs, charities, community and advice organisations. 

We actively recruit, train and accredit people from all walks of life to become support brokers , harnessing their personal experience and expertise. Our brokers include:
  • people with their own lived experience of long-term health conditions - known as Peer support brokers
  • people with financial, legal and other experience
  • people who have helped others both professionally and personally including family members, carers and loved ones
  • case managers, social workers and clinicians from Local Authorities and the NHS
We are supported by, among others, the Department of Health, the Cabinet Office and NHS England. 

Key Features And Benefits Of Our Model


Our support brokers help people live life as independently as possible, helping them source, plan, negotiate, budget and manage their support and care needs within the overall context of improving their wellbeing. Delivered through a very personal and fully costed "Care and Support Plan" for each customer, these highly structured plans contain researched, negotiated and curated services that help deliver alternatives to traditional, less flexible and more expensive care.

Typically around a quarter of resources and services contained within our plans are free at the point of delivery. Not only do support brokers ensure people get great care but that they are socially connected, doing things they want to do, living in places they want to be, directing their own lives as much as they want to and helping them to live a life not dictated by their condition. Care and support planning in this way has the considerable additional benefit of enabling costs of care to be reduced by an average of 20%. This reduction in cost is achieved in a number of ways, including the different and more creative types of care and support that brokers help people put in place, in response to understanding their wellbeing needs.

Support brokers work directly with those that need support and care and also with their family, carers, advisers, friends and loved ones.

They get all the people who matter involved  - to produce a plan that is holistic, takes into consideration checks and balances regarding risk, is fully budgeted, complete and actionable.  As caring people, we all want to make sure loved ones are well looked after - but more than anything we want them to be as happy as they can be - and that means much more than just organising good care.

Ongoing Care and Support Management once a plan is in place.

A flexible and cost-effective service delivered via phone, email and face-to-face by support brokers, in response to the needs of our customers, their families, carers and support network.

Fees And Guarantees


We recognise your situation is highly personal so the way we charge is too.  We work closely with Local Authorities, the NHS and other agencies and organisations who, in some cases, pay part or all of our fee.  


Moneyback Guarantee

If you are paying yourself, we guarantee to refund our fee after 6 months if our service has not paid for itself. Our Support Brokers are trained to discuss and negotiate quality and value for money care with providers.


Guarantee of our Independence

We might propose you take financial, legal, housing or other specialist advice as part of your personal plan. We never ask for or accept payments, referral fees or commissions from 3rd parties. This guarantee, and our underlying social aims and values, safeguards the independent nature of the support, planning and guidance we provide.

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