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MySupportMoney And CCGs

Click the image below to download a copy of our 'MySupportMoney and CCGs' leaflet and see how we can provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution for managing, delivering and monitoring your customers’ Personal Health Budgets.


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How We Can Help You

MySupportMoney uniquely offers CCGs a ‘ready to go’ secure, low cost service with auditable systems, processes and Quality Assurance to deliver their PHB duties.

Our service, a tried and tested alternative to conventional direct payment services, drives the take-up of personal budgets, improves outcomes and experiences for Patients by focussing on their wellbeing and effectively manages down the costs of both administration and care, delivering all aspects of the Department of Health's vision for Personal Health Budgets.

MySupportMoney delivers payments management and audit services for PHB customers. MySupportBroker’s payments management and audit service is called MySupportMoney (MSM), a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) regulated business licensed to provide direct payment and personal budget support services, delivering front-of-house and back-office payments management and audit services.

MSM liaises with PHB customers and the CCG’s finance team, raising invoices to receive customer funds, quarterly in advance, for payment to customers’ nominated accounts monthly in advance.

MySupportMoney For Personal Health Budgets (PHBs)

MySupportMoney (MSM) is a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Association of Accounting Technicians regulated business.

Our service for Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) manages the fast and efficient transfer of PHB funds with clear, transparent, risk-managed Quality Assurance/audit-trails. All conversations on financial matters relating to the day-to-day performance and payment of PHBs are dealt with directly by MSM and the customer first and are only escalated to a CCG client if required. The MSM service mitigates against customers needing to contact their CCG directly, saving time and effort for the CCG while providing an excellent customer-service experience.



  • 1 The CCG advises the PHB amount and start date to MSM, MSM then works direct with the individual customer.
  • 2 MSM will then invoice the CCG for each quarter's funding in advance and hold the quarterly amount in readiness for distribution to the customer.
  • 3 MSM explains the process and paperwork to the customer and establishes MSM as their point of contact.
  • 4 Once the agreement is received from the customer, MSM transfers the monthly PHB amount on the agreed date each month.
  • 5 MSM receives the paperwork for audits and reports back to the CCG with a breakdown of spend, providing a check of how funds are being used by the customer in meeting their healthcare and wellbeing outcomes detailed and agreed in their support plan.

The annual QA/audit summary:

  • Provides CCGs with important insights into how customers engage in choices and activities linked to achieving their health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Supports CCGs to make informed decisions at annual reviews, including reviewing the appropriate size of individual PHBs.

MSM provides a dedicated Service Delivery Coordinator responsible for day-to-day management of the relationship with the CCG and a PHB Help-Desk

MSM’s Help-Desk handles customer queries based on a traffic-light system:

A. Green - low-risk requiring a light-touch approach, dealt with and resolved by the Help-Desk directly. Green customer queries and outcomes are updated to the relevant CCG quarterly.

B. Amber - higher level of risk, also dealt with by the Help-Desk, with input from the CCG if necessary. Amber customer queries and outcomes are updated to the relevant CCG in real-time.

C. Red - high-risk, which the Help-Desk do not attempt to answer directly (for example queries such as clinical emergencies or bespoke financial arrangements) but continue to take responsibility for communications management. Red customer queries are updated to the relevant CCG in real-time.

The recording of all queries and outcomes is part of building knowledge and creating shared learning across all CCG clients, to continue the co-development and evolution of effective PHB customer services. By default, MSM record all individual queries and outcomes into each customers’ audits, providing an individual financial and contact-issue record. The Help-Desk creates a broad list of the types of queries to be dealt with on a green, amber and red basis and co-develop these into categories, working these up as part of regular contact with the CCG and other CCG clients as the service expands.

Contact Vikki to talk about how this will work for you.

MySupportMoney For Personal Health Budgets (PHBs)

Since the introduction of personal health budgets, the Department of Health have been keen to ensure equal access to funds and that those funds are spent to get the best services to the right people.

This is why what we do is so important.



  • 1 An individual has a review and is identified as eligible for a PHB.
  • 2 Secure referral, including indicative budget, is made by the CCG to MSM.
  • 3 Within 24 hours the broker contacts the individual to arrange a visit.
  • 4 Within 5 days the broker meets the individual and talks to them about their life and requirements. After the visit, the broker asks the referrer for more information if needed.
  • 5 The broker compiles support options into a draft plan on the secure MSM platform, MSM's Quality Assurance team reviews the plan against agreed clinical and service standards, the plan is then sent to CCG referrer and individual via secure login.
  • 6 Once signed off, the broker ensures services are put in place, including money management.

The CCG is responsible for clinical care case management, the MSM helpdesk is available for any customer issues with support/money management.