Training Council Staff To Deliver Our Care And Support Brokerage Model

Calderdale have reorganised their social care services so local people will be better supported to take up personal budgets where eligible and to have more choice and control over what they do and how they do it. We are training, supporting and quality assuring our own and the Council’s own Support Brokers to provide our best-practice model, with its associated cost reductions to the Council, improved outcomes for customers and the stimulating of new micro-enterprises to serve the growing need for innovative care and support services and increased local employment.


 Calderdale council


Low-cost, Patient-centric, Audited Personal Health Budget Delivery

From April 2014 people have a right to ask for Continuing Health Care (CHC) funds as a direct payment in the form of a Personal Health Budget (PHB). The Commissionersat Enfield CCG engaged us to provide the full infrastructure for their deployment of PHBs across their local area. MySupportBroker works with individual patients while MySupportAssistant finds the right personal assistants. MySupportMoney manages the financial delivery of the budget on behalf of the CCG and then supports the customer to manage their budget with an appropriate level of input.




Innovation In Hospital Discharge Support For Self- And State-funded Patients

In a local joint Council and NHS initiative, Support Brokers are working on the wards within North Middlesex University Hospital alongside hospital and social care staff, to help self-funding and state-funded patients with practical guidance and information as part of the process of them being discharged from hospital. Working to often very tight deadlines within an already fast-moving environment, Peer Support Brokers work with patients, their family and carers to source, plan and manage the care and support they will need once they leave hospital. Achieving speedy patient-centric discharge results in significant cost benefits for the NHS and better outcomes for patients.




Personal Budgets In Residential Care

As provider partner in the DH Residential Care trailblazer project our Support Brokers are working with groups of working-age adults and older people living in a long-term residential care setting.  The learning from this is informing the DH decision to roll out personal budgets across residential care.  Importantly it gives unique insight into the hidden lives of people in long-term care and how providers could radically improve day-to-day lives by making relatively small and low cost service changes in response to the needs and wishes of residents discovered by our Peer Support Brokers that were going unnoticed in the day-to-day running of the home. This is emerging as a good model for Council Commissioners and for the care providers who are moving from seeing the Council as the customer to the individual resident as the customer.




Self-funders, The Care Act And The Care Cap

We provide additional training and CPD to Peer Support Brokers working with self-funding customers who either contact us directly, are referred by their family, Councils, the NHS, financial advisers, solicitors, care providers, charities and others.  The additional training covers a) financial information and guidance including valuing and negotiating care provider costs b) legal information and guidance c) housing information and guidance d) information and guidance on the Care Act including the Independent Personal Budget.  We work closely with legal and financial specialists including SOLLA (the Society of Later Life Advisers) and SFE (Solicitors For the Elderly) to ensure customers receive timely, effective, accredited and regulated advice.


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A New Approach To Commissioning Supported Living For People With Learning Disabilities

A specialist team of Peer Support Brokers have been working with a group of adults with learning disabilities, who have a shared living environment.  Both they and their families had grown weary of the housing provider but like the care staff.  Lewisham commissioners decided to try a new way of commissioning with us - providing individual support plans for each person within the group, based around possibilities for shared services.  Those plans are now the basis for commissioning a new housing provider, in place of using a conventional Commissioning Service Specification and the results are impressively personal.




Amplified Action Programme

In our collaboration with Brighton & Hove City Council we are delivering support planning to local adults with learning disabilities, working-age disabled adults and those with long term health conditions to move to direct payments, helping them to identify their best life and putting in place support plans for them to achieve this. The planning process helps in identifying and pursuing creative, life enhancing and cost effective alternatives to their current provision.


As part of this work, we are implementing our Amplified Action programme, one of five running nationally, supported by the Cabinet Office.  This initiative involves recruiting and training 100 volinteer Peer Support Coaches in the Council area.  Peer Support Coaches work alongside Peer Support Brokers, providing practical and emotional support to their customers. Drawing on their valuable life experiences and using their time to help others, Peer Support Coaches help ensure that all parts of customers’ support plans become reality.


 Brighton_&_hove_city_council cabinet_office


Peer Support Brokers Working Alongside Council Employees

Working with Manchester City Council we are selecting, recruiting and training a founding group of local Peer Support Brokers to work in the central part of the city.  The vision is for local people with lived experience of long term physical and mental health conditions to work along-side council employees to radically change the way people source, plan and manage their care and support services.  The service will mean that people are no longer limited to choosing between a smaller number of high-cost council services.  They will now have choice and control over a much more creative approach to meeting and managing their own care and support needs, with the additional benefit of generating local jobs and educational opportunities, reinforcing the Council’s vision of finding ways of working in ever closer partnership with the local community.




Supporting Family, Friends And Communities Strategy

Surrey County Council are working with us work us in a mixed model, using our Peer Support Brokers and their own in-house brokers to deliver their Family, Friends and Communities Strategy.  The Council have recognised that, in the past, their approach to spending public funds wisely has resulted in an unintendedly narrow range of services to support people with care needs.  They now want to release the creative energy of customers and staff to work together to devise their own support plans that are built into the framework of their family, friends and local community, so central to the whole process, being highly personal and good value for money.




Implementing Personal Health Budgets

Consistent with their profile as innovators, North, Central and South Manchester CCGs are one of the first Personal Health Budget (PHB) pathfinders.  They are building on that success by making PHBs more widely available to patients.  As part of this innovation we are joining their provider framework to shape a mixed market to enable them to accelerate this programme.  MySupportBroker works with individual patients while MySupportAssistant finds the right personal assistants. MySupportMoney manages the financial delivery of the budget on behalf of the CCG and then supports the customer to manage their budget with an appropriate and individual level of input.




Learning Disability Services

Our local Peer Support Brokers are working side-by-side with Lewisham Learning Disability staff to enable people with learning disabilities and their families to be more directly in control of their lives, making decisions about and selecting the services they need, and supporting them to achieve their life ambitions.




Working With A DASS To Support Change

The Director of Adult Social Services at Enfield Council identified our model as an ideal opportunity to bring radical change to his Local Authority.  Through a programme of recruiting and training local people who have their own personal, lived experience of long term health conditions, to become Peer Support Brokers he was able to achieve the multiple aims of a) increasing local employment b) enabling access to accredited education for people who never had it before c) stimulating micro-enterprises in the “personalisation of social care” market d) providing consumers with control of their own care and support, with the dual benefit of better outcomes for consumers while being more cost-effective to the public purse by dramatically reducing the cost of administration.




Personal Budgets In Mental Health Services

Working with Southwark Council, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and people with long-term mental health conditions, we supported their first deployment of Personal Budgets in Mental Health Services.  Our unique approach involves us working alongside mental health practitioners and patients, encouraging and enabling patients to become trained Peer Support Brokers as part of their recovery model, moving them away from being passive recipients to being active Peer Support Brokers and “peer practitioners” working alongside nurses.


 NHS_south_london_&_maudsley south_work_council


Personal Budgets In Integrated Health And Social Care Services

Working hand-in-hand with Walsall Council and Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, deploying Personal Budgets in an integrated health and social service setting, we helped people/patients by working with them to develop innovative and creative Support Plans which identified local alternatives to conventional, high-cost services.  As a result, people moved away from using day centres which allowed only limited access to community services, to take up a wide variety of physically and mentally stimulating activities including educational courses, arts programmes, physical training, driving courses and other engaging community based activities.


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Our Partnerships, Relationships And Stakeholders


Social Investment



Social Investment Business Group is a charity and social enterprise bringing finance, knowledge and expertise to help civil society organisations thrive by improving their infrastructure, increasing their capacity, helping them bid for, and win, public service contracts. SIB are key investors in MySupportBroker, supporting development of our social enterprise model through direct investment and grants.



Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life, from early stage investment to in-depth research and practical programmes. MySupportBroker has received funding and programme support to develop our innovative model of peer-led care planning and brokerage for people with long term health conditions.



UnLtd is a leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in the UK, investing directly in individuals and offering funding, advice, networking and practical support. MySupportBroker and UnLtd are working together on several projects including the "Lead for Change" programme and "Spark Awards" for entrepreneurialism.



Big Issue Invest is the social investment arm of The Big Issue. They are a social enterprise providing finance to other growing social enterprises. MySupportBroker are partners through investment, together securing financing from a range of organisations during the Big Venture Challenge programme.



Big Lottery Fund distributes 40% of funds raised for good causes by the National Lottery and distributes non-Lottery funding for public bodies. As part of MySupportBroker's strategy of supporting small social enterprises to become more sustainable, we have established a social enterprise development programme with support from Awards for All.



Esmee Fairbairn Foundation is one of the largest independent grant-makers in the UK, investing in organisations that aim to deliver both a financial return and a social benefit. With investment support from the Foundation's "Lead the Change" Programme, MySupportBroker has set up an Enterprise Hub in the North West, supporting people with long term conditions to become sustainable entrepreneurs.



Cabinet Office is a ministerial department ensuring the effective running of government. Amongst its priorities are promoting social action, growing the social investment market and promoting volunteering opportunities. With the backing of the Care Minister and the Centre for Social Action, MySupportBroker is strengthening its model of peer-led care planning and brokerage by integrating volunteers to provide additional practical and emotional support.



WAYRA is a global tech start-up accelerator programme. Working with UnLtd, they run an Academy focussed on start-ups that make a positive social impact. The Academy is helping MySupportBroker build the peer spin-off business, MySupportAssistant, through direct investment and business support.






NHS England The main aim of NHS England is to improve the health outcomes for people in England. MySupportBroker works with a range of NHS agencies including Clinical Commissioning Groups across England. We support the Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme of blended health and social care budgets, and are at the forefront of delivering pilot projects for Personal Health Budgets.



Department of Health(DH) is responsible for leading and funding health and care in England. MySupportBroker works on a number of innovative and collaborative projects including the DH Personal Budgets in Residential Care Trailblazer programme, the DH Information strategy for secure cloud-based customer-facing collaborative technology and contributed to the DH Health and Social Care White Paper.



RBS SE100 Index tracks and benchmarks key data including impact measurement behind the phenomenal story of social enterprise in the UK, with data on over 3,500 social enterprises. MySupportBroker features in the top-performing quartile and submits an annual report on social impact and other statistics. Having recently produced an update on our social impact, we expect to feature in the top 10% of tracked social enterprises.



LGiU The Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) is an award winning think tank and membership organisation. Their mission is to strengthen local democracy to put citizens in control of their own lives, communities and local services. As an information provider, MySupportBroker submits articles and thought-leadership ideas to the LGiU for their membership.



National Open College Network, MySupportBroker has its own College (NOCN No: 3000490) regulated by the Department for Education. Support Brokers complete their training through the College and pass various assignments before becoming qualified. Our College runs the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme which maintains our Brokers' proficiency to practice.



InControl is a national charity, creating a fairer society where everyone needing additional support has the right, responsibility and freedom to control that support. Working in partnership with InControl and NHS England, MySupportBroker is helping to shape the practical delivery of Personal Health Budgets policy, to enable people with long term conditions and disabilities to have greater choice, flexibility and control over the health care and support they receive.






Recovery Career Services is a Joint Venture between key Service Charities and the MoD to deliver an inspirational career service which empowers wounded, injured and sick Service Personnel to achieve a sustainable and fulfilling career. As partners, MySupportBroker provides opportunities for paid work, work experience, placement and volunteering, all within a supportive and meaningful social business environment that takes into account personal recovery needs.



National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP) provides welfare services to its 80,000 members and communicates regularly on issues that affect all pensioners. MySupportBrokerworks with NFOP in two ways; offering members the opportunity to volunteer their time in support of people with long term conditions and promoting awareness of our service to members so they can access care and support planning when required.






Society of Later Life Advisers is a not for profit organisation meeting the need of consumers, advisers and those who provide financial products and services to the later life market. As Affiliate Members, MySupportBroker promotes contact between Brokers and their local SOLLA members to develop mutual understanding and trust. When our customers need financial advice, we can then confidently refer them to known, local SOLLA accredited specialist care fees financial advisers.



Dementia Action Alliance is a movement with one simple aim, to bring about a society-wide response to dementia. It encourages and supports communities and organisations across England to take practical actions to enable people to live well with dementia and reduce the risk of costly crisis intervention. As partners, MySupportBroker addresses the particular challenges of supporting people living with dementia, including the need for high levels of care, often over extended periods, and the consequential costs.



Valuing Care are experts in how much care should cost and whether services provided by care companies are value for money. MySupportBroker's partnership with Valuing Care enables us to check that our customers receive value for money when purchasing care.



Guideposts Trust Charity believes all people have the right to lead independent lives. They work with people who have mental health issues, dementia, learning disabilities, physical impairments, and with carers and families, to help them make the best possible choices for quality care services. As partners, MySupportBroker and Guideposts are combining knowledge and expertise to provide innovative services to the social and health sectors.



Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) is an independent, national organisation of lawyers, such as solicitors, barristers, and legal executives who provide specialist legal advice for older and vulnerable people, their families and carers. MySupportBroker promotes and assists our Support Brokers in building relationships with local SFE members to develop a mutual understanding and trust of each other's work. When our customers need specialist legal advice, Support Brokers can confidently refer them to known, local SFE members.



Age Action Alliance is a network for partnership, working and practical action to improve older people's lives, creating communities where older people feel secure, valued and able to contribute to society. As Partners, MySupportBroker's work is perfectly aligned with the Alliance's objectives. More than half of our customers are over 65, we work to help them remain active, make a contribution, have a sense of independence and help develop and maintain social, family, community and support networks.






Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneers programme supports socially innovative businesses, providing assistance to help them grow to scale and become investment-ready, utilising the skills and capabilities of Deloitte's people to support social enterprise. MySupportBroker was selected for the programme, one of 16 social businesses chosen from across the UK. Through our relationship with Deloitte we are building our capacity to manage the business through a period of sustained growth.



Ernst and Young is a multinational professional services firm, one of the "Big Four" audit firms and runs several social enterprise support programmes. MySupportBroker works in partnership with EY to jointly deliver a new model of care and support brokerage. We are part of their social enterprise programme and receive practical mentoring and business support planning.





Our Models For Councils And The NHS

Our Personal Health Budget (PHB) Pathway Model

How We Can Help You

We would like to be part of your exciting plans and help you to deliver radical change that your patients and service users will immediately benefit from.



My Support Broker is a social business pioneering a unique new collaborative approach between people, Local Authorities, the NHS and local communities - to plan, source and manage quality and value-for-money support and care.


We are an award-winning national service delivering people-led integrated health and social care, underpinned by creative technologies, demonstrably changing people's lives for the better.



We recruit and train people who have lived with their own experience of long term conditions, as Support Brokers in their own local community.  As a result not only do we provide a truly personal service through our Support Brokers but their work is contributing to the social and economic welfare of their local community, creating local employment and micro enterprises – people-helping-people in action.



We provide support to people who contact us directly or are referred to us by their family, carers, friends and loved ones, Local Authorities, the NHS, service providers, charities, employers and other organisations. We are experts in the effective people-centric delivery of Personal Budgets and Personal Health Budgets.  Our work with state agencies reduces bureaucracy by 50%, the cost of support and care planning by 65% and the overall cost of care by up to 20%, with measurably improved outcomes and experiences of care for our customers.


OUR TECHNOLOGY has a unique digital platform based on a customer-held integrated Health and Social Care record, which brings together information from all agencies into one place to make development, coordination and communication of support plans and actions effective and truly focussed on the person.  The secure online platform connects people through their own bespoke online personal support network with their local Support Broker and their public service professionals (including Local Authority and NHS staff and back office systems), and whoever they chose to be part of their own network.



We are featured in the Health and Social Care White Paper as best practice example of Choice and Control; in the Department of Health Information Strategy for our customer held record; we have received a grant from the Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund - a collaboration between Nesta and the Cabinet Office; Department of Health and Social Investment Business have invested in our business to expand it nationally; we are Deloitte Social Pioneers and as such recognised as top 12 social businesses likely to ‘change their world’; we are Big Lottery/Unltd Big Venture Challenge Winners and recipients of associated grants and matched investment from Big Issue Invest. We are one of the first winners of Wayra/Telefonica international social-led tech-business incubator.


OUR SERVICES in more detail

MySupportBroker offers knowledge and expertise through a personalised service, developed by people who, through their own first-hand experience, really know what good support is all about.  Our Support Brokers create made-to-measure plans and actions, unique to the person, whether in receipt of state funding or self-funders.  The support plan and actions we develop are built to • deliver Individual Budgets and Personal Health Budgets • accurately reflect people’s wishes • contain a range of services tailored to people's needs • offer people good value for money • always be within budget • take into consideration checks and balances regarding risk • contain creative outcomes which utilise community resources and complementary services to maximise their benefit to the customer.


MySupportCoach  After the planning stage and when the work of a Support Broker is complete, further support is provided by our local, trained Support Coaches.  They generously volunteer their time, providing informal, practical and emotional backup to help the plans made become reality.


MySupportAssistant  connects people who want care and support - to other people who can provide it – so it’s a personalised one-to-one relationship, as an alternative to more traditional, inflexible and expensive agency care.


MySupportMoney  is a direct payment and personal budget support and administration service, designed around you: • book-keeping • invoice-checking • budgeting • bank account management and reconciliation • time-sheets• payroll • employee insurance and other HR functions where personal assistants are employed.


MySupportLifestyle  is  designed to provide assistance when busy lives, long distances and other factors mean there isn’t the time or aren’t the local contacts available to put important parts of the support plans and actions in place. Our friendly, professional people are on hand to sort out all the practical things that, if not organised, can cause stress and worry.



My Support Broker has its own registered College which is part of the National Open College Network (NOCN No: 3-490), regulated by the Department for Education.  The qualification our Support Brokers must pass is QFC level 3, which includes 80 hours of study.  They complete a further certified induction programme before commencing their care and support planning role.  The College runs our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme of ongoing educational activity, developing and increasing knowledge, skills and performance standards, maintaining proficiency to practice.  Support Brokers will have a current accreditation and CPD KiteMark verifying their proficiency to practice.



Each support plan is reviewed online and Quality Assured against our certified standards.  When plans have passed this process they are given to the person and to the network of support.  The QA process is uniquely placed to identify good practice and Support Brokers use our secure Forum to exchange information and share best practice, to improve outcomes for all customers.  Our processes and plans are regularly inspected by Local Authority and Health Service panels.



We conform to the requirements and best practice recommendations of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), our ICO registration number is Z3261753.  The ICO is the UK’s independent authority for upholding information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.



We operate a Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy and Statement of Values.  At any time you can request full versions of all company Policies and Procedures - including Data Protection, Safeguarding, Equality, Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Bribery, Complaints, Safe Working Practices.

MySupportMoney For Personal Health Budgets (PHBs)


Our service for Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) manages the fast and efficient transfer of PHB funds with clear, transparent, risk-managed Quality Assurance/audit-trails.

MySupportMoney (MSM) is an Association of Accounting Technicians regulated business, licenced to provide direct payment and personal budget support services.
PHB customer services:
- all payments-related communication
- organising and managing paperwork, processes and consents
- distributing funds
organising information for QA/audits
CCG client services:
- service agreements
- planning
- Data Protection and Information Governance processes, protocols, agreements
- service delivery
- reporting/risk management
- QA/audits
For more information download our document, call us on 0800 994 9944 or email us at 

Support Planning

Since the introduction of personal health budgets, the Department of Health have been keen to ensure equal access to funds and that those funds are spent to get the best services to the right people.


This is why what we do is so important.


MySupportBroker brings years of experience from our peers who have insight and knowledge of disability, mental health services, long term illnesses, dementia and other conditions.


We ensure we get the best support solutions to our customers.


MySupportBroker offers both accredited and non-accredited training in our in-house college.


Through this process, delivered by expert trainers in the field, we enable prospective peers to develop the skills required to bring about greater personalisation for our customers.


We only recruit people with a lived experience of the same issues that people who use our services face, and are always seeking new brokers.


Our customers benefit from a personal and bespoke experience based on the type of service they want. They should know they are not alone, and that experience, direction and reassurance is at hand.


These values are the bedrock of what we provide in our training.

Investing In Local Communities

Through work in local authorities and partner work with charities, businesses and social enterprises My Support Broker works to strengthen local communities, individual decision-making and better support services.


We know how important local growth and local thinking is which is why My Support Broker has been so successful in having a positive effect on local communities.


We have set up an effective environment for people to independently find the support services that work best for them, sharing the expertise and making best use of the resources available, both online and offline, to ensure all personal and financial circumstances are catered for.

Evaluating Impact

Through our Social Impact and Situation Reports, as well as external and independent reporting, we are able to identify and evaluate the impact our work is having on local communities.


We can see how much of a saving local councils make using our services and models compared with their own care management support planning.


We record and evidence how much money is being saved by public authorities in relation to administrative support costs with personal health budgets when they make referrals to us.


Using these reports we are able to see what effect we are having on local economies and the number of micro-enterprises that have been created off the back of our services.


Importantly, we also record the number of working Support Brokers there are, the number of people trained and the number that are self-managing.